Shan State

You’ll be guided through villages in your personal canoe
You can learn how to row a boat with your leg
Be entertained watching a leg rowers race
Hike in the hills above the southern tip of the lake
We can also arrange a special event just for you. If you’d like to take that special someone for a picnic on a floating garden, be serenaded as you leg row your sweetheart across the lake, or have a private show with one of the many Inle artists please let us know.


Located within the hills of the Shan State is the indescribable Inle Lake. It is the second largest freshwater lake in Myanmar and is approximately 2,900 feet above sea level. The culture of the people is not like the rest of the country, and they have preserved their customs and way of life for hundreds of years. The inhabitants of the lake are called the Intha, and their unique way of living will surely impress. Everything from rowing a boat to growing vegetables and fruit is unlike anywhere else. A few days around the lake enjoying its cool climate and wonderful insight will give you a new perspective on life. One of the first things you will notice on this 22k lake is the fishermen. They have a very strange way of rowing their boats; they use their leg to assist in the work. Balancing on the tip of the boat the Intha fishermen propel their handmade boats around the lake for work and pleasure. You will also witness the fishermen using strange cone shaped nets to catch various fish for their family as well as for the markets.


Kalaw stands high on the western edge of the Shan Plateau. It is 70 km west of Taungyi, about halfway along the Thazi-Taungyi road. This was a popular hill station in the British days and it is still a peaceful and quiet place. It is also pleasantly cool and a good place for hiking amid gnarled pines, bamboo groves and rugged mountain scene.

Nyaung Shwe

Nyaung Shwe is located in the Southern Shan State near the marvelous Inle Lake. Inle Lake is situated in Nyaung Shwe Township. To visit Nyaung Shwe, one has to take a flight from Yangon to Heho, and then travel by car or bus. Or one can travel by highway buses from Yangon to Taunggyi, then pass Shwe Nyaung and reach Nyaung Shwe. Then, you can travel by motorboat, from Nyaung Shwe to Inlay Lake. This town is the main transfer port to Inle Lake by ferry boats.

There are many interesting places in Nyaung Shwe where you can visit in a short time.

Kakku Pagoda

One of the Asia’s largest and most spectacular ancient monuments is a wonderful Pagoda named Kakku. Kakku is about 33 miles from Taunggyi. It will take about 3 hours drive by car. Kakku is located in the Shan State. Kakku is in the territory of Pa-Oh people. It contains over 2,000 stupas with origins dating back many centuries.

Its exists not only as an outstanding example of tradition art and architecture but also as a testament to the religious devotion of one of Myanmar’s many ethnic minorities, the Pa-Oh. For many centuries, the Pa-Oh has lived in peace, cultivating their land and devoting much of their energy and limited wealth to creating monasteries and pagodas. The decorative sculptures and figures are 17th or 18th century but some of the structures are clearly much older.

Hot –Air Balloon festival

In Taunggyi the people celebrate the Tazaungdine festival with Kahtein as well as the sending up fire balloons into the sky. Balloons in the shape of elephant, ox, horse, bird, pig, fishbowl and parrot are sent up. This is the biggest festival in the country. It is attended not only by Taunggyi residents but also by other locals from all over the country and international tourists.